SAFEYOU utilizes state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and methods to deliver is expected outputs. The design of the project involves the following steps:

  1. Understand the problem: We are using surveys and focus group interviews to better understand what drives young athletes’ and exercisers’ motivation to engage in doping use. With our surveys we address a wide range of reasons, from body-image issues, to behavioural patterns, such as the use of legal nutritional supplements. Our focus group interviews allow us to gain insights into the culture of doping use in competitive and recreational sports settings, and better understand how and why young athletes and exercisers fall prey to the networks that supply doping substances.
  2. Develop an educational resource:Based on past scientific evidence and on the information we receive from our surveys and interviews, we develop an innovative, web-based, and user-friendly educational tool. Our tool aims to provide updated information and resources about abstaining from doping use.
  3. Empower stakeholders and end-users: By deploying our educational tool we aim to empower athletes, exercisers, coaches and fitness instructors, and anyone involved in competitive and recreational sports, education and policy-making, to make anti-doping in fitness sports a reality.

SAFEYOU partners discuss the aims and objectives of the SAFEYOU project

Dr Michael Michaelides talks about Safe You Project

Dr Vassilis Barkoukis talks about Safe You Project

Dr Franz Baumgarten talks about Safe You Project

Prof Arnaldo Zelli talks about Safe You Project

Prof Andrea Petroczi talks about Safe You Project