German Anti-Doping Agency: The German National Anti Doping Agency (GADA; Bonn/GER) serves as UP’s main collaborative partner. GADA’s goal is to pool strengths in the fight against doping in Germany. It combats doping without being influenced by any conflicting institutional interests. It is an independent institution, is exclusively committed to the goal of combating doping, is financed by the sports and business communities and by the government, in line with the stakeholder model, but is not bound by any instructions from anyone whatsoever is the German sports community’s central compliance institution. It displays an international profile, so as to improve equality of opportunity for all athletes,

pools all of society’s determinant strengths, parties who have a vital interest in maintaining sport’s cultural and social role, and bonds them in pursuing the foundation’s purpose. The GADA’s core remits are establishing a standardized doping testing system for Germany, issuing therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), and answering medicine-related inquiries, prevention, implementing the WADA Code and translating it into a GADA Code, providing (legal) advice for federations and athletes, setting up an independent court of arbitration for sport (since 1 January 2008), as well as international cooperation. The GADA’s work guarantees a professional approach, helps to save costs for everyone involved, makes sure that there are uniform, equal standards applying for all athletes, and effectively safeguards German interests abroad.