Theme 7: Becoming a PAES Expert

These two Sessions emphasize the importance of obtaining information on PAES from trusted and reliable sources. Participants learn – in a group setting – how to create a set of criteria to evaluate the advice given by their friends and peers on PAES and the information available on the Internet; and whether they should consider soliciting a different perspective (regarding advantages as well as disadvantages). A strategy/plan for the effective evaluation of alternative information sources will be practiced. They will be then invited to adapt these in accordance to their individual information seeking processes in order to strengthen and support personal decision-making. Participants are also instructed to apply these criteria in accordance to their individual situation. The focus is on emphasizing the individuality of each person and thus their capacity of making informed decisions.

This Theme builds functional e-health literacy directly through self-efficacy of critically evaluating the information available on the Internet, including how to search for reliable information; how to know if the information is impartial and scientifically accurate; and where to go for personal advice – and thus making evidence-based decision.