Theme 5: Behind The Scenes: Exposing The Truth

This Session critically evaluates whether the ideal body portrayed in media and advertisements is realistic or rather, it is only an augmented version of reality. For example, a perfect body image can only exist for a short period of time while the photo is taken and is not achievable with dietary supplements only, despite marketing claims. The Session explores the ideas people and athletes have about product/PAES advertising’s use of human body and whether these ideas are spread across society and valid. Participants are asked to consider if changes in how advertising depicts the human body are desirable and feasible; and encouraged to think of alternative ways to think about and show the human body in advertising campaigns.

This Session builds critical health literacy through better self-efficacy to make informed and holistic decisions about PAES by helping participants feel more confident of their physical appearance and their capacity to recognize the dangers of using PAES, as well as to understand that what they see in the media is not realistic. Through collectively developed action plans that suggest a more realistic and respectful use of the human body in different product advertisements (i.e. cars, PAES, perfumes), participants become more aware of their personal views, biases and subconscious reactions – which in turn allows for the adjustments necessary for an increased PAES self-efficacy.


Activity Forms (.doc)