Theme 1: Types of PAES & Associated Health Risks

This Session focuses on differentiating between the different types of PAES categories such as muscle growth promoters, pre-workout supplements; stimulants; appetite suppressants; fat burners, over-the-counter medications; hormonal boosters and painkillers. The Session is set to help young people understand the distinction between nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals (medicines); to raise awareness of the health risks associated with the off-label use of pharmaceuticals as PAES and to dispel myths related to these substances by providing accurate accounts of what the different types of PAES can and cannot do.

This Theme contributes to functional health literacy by increasing self-efficacy to make informed and evidence-based decisions in relation to PAES. It wishes to provide unbiased information about the various types of PAES, deconstructing the belief that PAES use is harmless and critically examines being fit and healthy with the use of PAES.