The SAFEYOU Information App is a searchable compendium of information on pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. This App is envisaged to be underpinned by a living database that is constantly evolving to cater for the dynamics of this fast changing market. The App is intended to serve as a quick reference point and thus only covers the basic information of those PAES categories and substances which young people are most likely to encounter in gym environments or are exposed to through advertisements – for quick reference. Those interested trainers and learners who wish to learn more and acquire in-depth knowledge are advised to seek further information through recommended websites and publications. For this Information App, we have also adopted a warning system that is solely based on time. Following from our intention to provide a quick ‘on-time’ reference guide, we defined danger as the “time available to take corrective actions”. This definition also captures the dangers that arise from one time use and a single dose. This is deliberately done in line with our mission to prepare young people to make informed and evidence based decisions – which require deliberation and careful consideration of the pros and cons. The warning system is designed to prevent harm from a one-off, impulsive decision that is made in haste. For example if the substance is so potent that a single use (overdose) can cause serious harm, as it is the case with DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol), our warning system flags this substance as having high risk. Erring on the safe side, substances with unknown or unclear compositions are also flagged as of ‘high risk’ although the risk here is related to the unknown factor.

You can download the application, depending on the operation system that you have, by pressing the icons below:



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