The SAFE YOU Programme is a carefully planned collection of information resources and educational materials. Our ambition in presenting the SAFE YOU Programme is to increase empowerment, to provide coaches and teachers with helpful practical sources from which informed dialogue can flow, deep learning can follow and better individual choices might result. The SAFE YOU Programme also addresses the needs of the end-users (young exercisers, amateur athletes, fitness participants and gym goers) directly. Throughout the project, co-creation with our key stakeholder group was a challenging but immensely rewarding experience, thus we intend to continue involving our target population through facilities such as the Interactive PAES Survey, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), personal stories and testimonials.
The SAFE YOU Programme offers coaches and teachers a set of resources which cast light on this topic and offer for dialogue:

  • Video Stimulus Material
  • Detailed ‘representative’ case studies drawn from extensive pan European research
  • Bespoke Problem-based Learning guide for each case study
  • A compendium of planned workshop sessions with linked audio-visual resources
  • Web based information sources
  • A powerful ‘PAES Information App’ for mobile access
  • An interactive ‘crowd-sourced’ survey harvesting users’ experiences with and knowledge about PAES
  • Collection of relevant research papers
  • Tailored assessments
  • A Web based facility for continuous engagement with the project through FAQ, shared personal stories and experiences.