The education provision of the SAFEYOU PROGRAMME comprises twelve Sessions grouped in eight stand-alone Themes. Taken all together, these sessions explore PAES use in a broad environmental, political and social societal context. The overarching aim of the education provision of the SAFE YOU PROGRAMME is to increase the health literacy of young people about PAES by developing both cognitive and social skills underpinning the motivation and ability of individuals to gain access, to understand and to use information in ways which support considerate self-care for long-term health and well-being.

It is built on the importance of knowledge and revolves around our slogan “Know your body. Know your substances.” – which promotes making informed, evidence-based and holistic decisions about PAES that takes not only the performance- and image enhancing substances but also their effects on a young person’s physical and psychological well-being into account in a broader societal and environmental context. In this endeavour, the SAFEYOU PROGRAMME recognises that PAES use is not a categorical, all-or-nothing decision but it manifests on a continuum along which individual decisions are made. In this continuum, some substances are more acceptable than others; or some substances may even be used in order to stay away from other substances.

Each Theme is supported by one or two detailed session plans, assorted teaching materials (e.g., PowerPoint presentation slides, suggested readings, case studies and videos) as well as assessment guides and assessment tools. The sessions adopt a critical view in order to encourage and maintain an open dialogue – as opposed to giving a lecture – about PAES use.

Within the Themes, each Session is designed for 45 minutes contact time with additional tasks set outside the workshop settings to facilitate independent learning. Although the Themes are primarily designed to be delivered by a facilitator, they are also suitable for self-directed learning.

The detailed Session plans and supporting teaching materials can be used stand alone or in any sequence or combination. The Session plans and teaching materials are freely downloadable from the SAFE YOU Project website (

Types of PAES & associated health risks

Information on PAES and their consequences to health

Why PAES are so popular

Reasons behind PAES use popularity

Health maintenance or human enhancement

The mindset for early doping prevention

Body As Machine

Body as a medium that can be shaped to fit to the desired attribute

Behind The Scenes: Exposing The Truth

The truth about ideal body portrayed in media

Consequences of Using PAES

Health hazards of PAES use

Becoming a PAES Expert

Finding and using information trusted and reliable sources

“Au Naturel” Sports Without PAES

Achievement in sports without PAES